President’s Message

It is a great honor for me to assume the responsibility as President of the Japanese Society of Laser Dentistry. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce this Japanese Society of Laser Dentistry to you.

First of all, let me briefly introduce the history of the Society. The meeting of the society for the study of laser dentistry was held at Osaka Dental College in December 1989 as the predecessor of the present society, and was started with 195 regular members and 3 supporting members. In 1992, we officially became the Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry from the 4th meeting. Our Society was authorized by the Japanese Association for Dental Science in 2007, and has been one of the specialized organizations from 2017. In 2013, our Society obtained corporate status. The membership consists of regular members, associate members, student members, supporting members, and subscribing members, and currently has 886 members.

The mission of the Japanese Society of Laser Dentistry is to advance and develop laser dentistry together with laser-related interdisciplinary fields, thereby providing high-quality, safe and reliable dental care to the public. In addition, in order to provide the public with accessible, high-quality, safe and secure laser dentistry, we require our members to comply with strict rules regarding safety standards and injury prevention measures, clear presentation of COI in academic activities and compliance with laws and ethics in accordance with research ethics.

To ensure compliance with the above and to promote laser dentistry and improve the skills of our members, we are enhancing our certified activist/specialist system through certification workshops, safety workshops, and educational training sessions, and certifying activists, specialists, instructors, and designated training facilities. In the future, we would like to increase the number of young members by educating students and encouraging clinical residents, and we would like to establish training programs for certified activists and specialists, and also establish practice guidelines.

The Japanese Society of Laser Dentistry includes a group of highly interdisciplinary specialists in dentistry who have come together under the keyword “laser”. In addition, many manufacturers of laser equipment are also members and are cooperating in the development of the society. It is obvious that laser treatment will play an important role in dentistry in the near future as the range of applications expands. We will continue to build evidence for the development of new technologies and laser irradiation therapies that take advantage of the characteristics of light.

The current spread of the covid pandemic has completely changed our social life, including social distance, and remote work. Many scientific meetings, including the annual meeting of the society, had to be postponed or changed in style. However, we believe that we need to take this opportunity to review the way we conduct our annual meetings, educational workshops, and certification examinations to adapt to the new normal of the with/post-covid era.

We will continue to respond to the opinions and requests of our members and to the expectations of society in order to fulfill our mission and to improve our society. Your cooperation and guidance will be greatly appreciated.

President, Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry