Official name: Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry (JSLD)

JSLD have  802 regular  members (General members 724, Councilors 78)  
In addition, it also includes ; Associate members 42, Student members 21, Patronizing laser companies 15, Subscriber members 9 institutions, Honorary members 19, Complimentary members 5 institutions. A total of 913 members (As of December 2021)

Professor Nobuo Yoshinari

Immediate Past President
Professor Morioki Fujitani

Vice Presidents
Professor Koichi Shinkai
Professor Satoshi Yokose

Board of Directors
Professor Yukihiro Numabe
Dr. Kyoichi Ohura
Professor Yuichi Kimura 
Associate Professor Masayuki Otsuki
Professor Hatsuhiko Maeda
Dr. Shigeyuki Nagai
Professor Takashi Saito
Dr. Hideyuki Matsumi
Professor Akira Aoki
Dr. Akira Tsukui
Professor Kunio Awazu
Dr. Hideo Ohashi
Professor Atsushi Kameyama
Dr. Kyoju Nakajima
Professor Akio Mitani
Professor Kazuyo Yamamoto
Dr. Itaru Yoshida

Committee Chairs
Professor Yukihiro Numabe : Academic and Education Committee
Dr. Kyoichi Ohura : Continuing Education and Safety Training Program Committee
Professor Yuichi Kimura : Board Certification Committee
Associate Professor Masayuki Otsuki : Board Certification Committee
Professor Hatsuhiko Maeda : Public Relations Committee
Dr. Shigeyuki Nagai : International Relations Committee
Professor Takashi Saito : Domestic Relations Committee
Dr. Hideyuki Matsumi : Social Insurance Committee
Professor Kazuhiro Gomi : Ethics, Conflict of Interest and Unlicensed Devices Committee
Professor Akira Aoki : Planning and Constitution/Bylaws Committee
Dr. Akira Tsukui : Nominations and Awards Committee

Dr. Junji Kato
Professor Noriyoshi Shimizu

Dr. Takeshi Shinoki
Professor Hideaki Suda

The range of activities conducted by the JSLD: Both local and overseas

Outline of upcoming events for 2022.
34th Annual General Assembly and Scientific Congress
will be held from November 26-27, Tokyo.
Official Information Website;

Publications of the society
The official journal of JSLD, Journal of Japanese Society for Laser Dentistry, is published 3 times a year.

Honorary members
Professor Hajime Yamamoto
Professor Toshio Morioka
Professor Kikuo Kamiyama
Professor Tsuyoshi Saito
Professor Yoshiaki Tani
Professor Isao Ishikawa
Professor Mamoru Kumazaki
Professor Tadao Toda
Professor Yoshiro Kato
Professor Takashi Arai
Professor Yoshito Hirai
Professor Toshihide Noguchi
Professor Kenji Hashimoto
Professor Yoshimitsu Abiko
Professor Masaki Kanbara
Dr. Toshio Nishiyama
Dr. Takehito Minamizato
Professor Michio Shimakura
Professor Takahide Komori